Variable Product Enhancements

Product page, listing page & search enhancements for Variable Products. Configurable options for variation swatches, additional gallery images, modifying listing query and more.

Variation as Swatches
Display product attribute as user selectable swatches – icons, images, colour, or text.

Additional images for product variations. Swap out product gallery images on variation selection.

Attribute Listing
Show product variations as individual products or as product attributes on shop page.

Variable Products

Variable Products are one of the powerful features of WooCommerce allowing easier discovery of specific product attributes for a product family. For instances adding size & colour variations to a shirt design helps the site visitor to easily browse various designs, as well as add a specific size & colour to her cart on checkout.

The default Variable Product feature however does not include some of the commonly requested enhancements that this plugin attempts to rectify.

Minimum Requirements

  • WooCommerce version 4.0 or higher

Compatibility Checks

This plugin interacts with product page, and shop page – and is likely to interfere with your theme, theme customizations or related WooCommerce plugin. Please request a compatibility check before purchasing the plugin. Plugin license includes support for necessary customizations in third-party theme(s) and/or plugins.