PayMe for WooCommerce

Real-time payment gateway integration with PayMe from HSBC. Dynamic PayCode generated at checkout and real-time payment status update integrated into WooCommerce order processing.

Dynamic PayCode

A dynamic PayCode is generated at checkout based on the items in the shopping cart. Unlike the static PayCode images, each dynamically generated PayCode has a unique transaction id ensuring greater safety and ability to track payment status of individual transactions.

Integrated Payment Status

Real-time automated payment status notification is integrated into the WooCommerce order processing workflow. No more follow-up calls and exchanging screenshots to verify the payment status. By integrating payment status, successful payments are immediately updated for order processing, while the failed payments provide customers any opportunity to retry or pay with other payment methods.

PayMe by HSBC

Start collecting payments from over 2 million PayMe users in Hong Kong – instantly, anywhere, anytime.

PayMe for WooCommerce lets you accept payments and process refunds for PayMe by HSBC. A WooCommerce integration with official PayMe API you can now process PayMe payment just like any other integrated payment gateway. Realtime payment status automatically updates your order processing status.


  • PayMe from HSBC is only available for merchants in Hong Kong and payments are only processed in HKD.
  • Integration requires individual site to complete Smart Sandbox testing and Live testing. Support for testing is included with the purchase of plugin license.

Minimum Requirements

  • PayMe for Business account
  • WooCommerce version 4.0 or higher
  • HTTPS (TLS 1.2)


This plugin modifies the cart page, checkout page, and introduces a PayMe page/interstitial. This is likely to interfere with your theme, theme customizations or related WooCommerce plugin. Please request a compatibility check before purchasing the plugin. Plugin license includes support for necessary customizations in third-party theme(s) and/or plugins.