FPS for WooCommerce

Faster Payment System (FPS) integration for dynamic QR Code generation and automated payment status integration with WooCommerce order management.

Instant Payment
Dynamically generated QR Code for payment which your customers can scan and pay thru their existing online banking channel. Instantly. Easily.

Automated Order Processing
Get notified of the payment status immediately. And the payment status is integrated into the order processing workflow to automatically update the order status based on payment status.

Faster Payment System

FPS is a common payment interface launched by the HKMA and enables customers to make cross-bank/e-wallet payments easily, by entering the mobile phone number or the email address of the recipient, with funds available to the recipient almost immediately.


  • FPS payment only support HKD and CNY as store currencies.

Minimum Requirements

  • FPS enabled bank account
  • WooCommerce version 4.0 or higher

Compatibility Check

This plugin modifies the cart page, checkout page, and introduces an FPS page/interstitial. This is likely to interfere with your theme, theme customizations or related WooCommerce plugin. Please request a compatibility check before purchasing the plugin. Plugin license includes support for necessary customizations in third-party theme(s) and/or plugins.